Why I Write

"Kooks" is a song David Bowie wrote for his newborn son, way back in 1970. It's not well-known, but it has a special place in the hearts of Bowie uberfans like me.

Ok, so what?

Well, David Bowie is the ultimate storyteller in my eyes. 

My big sister used to record random stuff off the radio onto cassettes, and I would regularly steal her tapes and listen to them when she was out, knowing full well I wasn't supposed to touch these

precious tapes.

When I was 14, I stole (yet another) one of her mixtapes and listened to it, hidden in my room.

One of the songs on that particular tape, right in the middle, was Bowie's "Space Oddity".

And so I discovered how a song could make you cry on the first listen, that it could hit your heart and make you miss something you never even knew existed. I felt an anxious need to write down what I was experiencing, so I grabbed a notebook and spilling out came thoughts, poems, and short stories.

I began gulping down anything Bowie-related—his music, his movies, his art, his fashion—all his

incredible ways of telling a story. I haven't stopped yet.


"And if the homework brings you down

Then we'll throw it on the fire and take the car downtown"

 Kooks, David Bowie

Being able to do that to another person—to carry someone to another place, if only for a fleeting moment—that's the magic of storytelling. It can be a sound, an article, a painting, a headline, or even clever microcopy on a CTA button. People will always need someone to transport them elsewhere,

be it on a journey to space or a childhood memory. 

When David Bowie passed away, amidst the very palpable grief I felt (many real tears were shed), I felt reconnected to that 14-year-old girl, hiding in her room, both terrified of her big sister's wrath and amazed at this newfound world. What a time to discover the beauty of art; to unlock a window into endless, strange possibilities and influences. What a joy to discover that I, too, possessed that ability to create a world with words. 


I love writing, I love David Bowie, and I love my sister for unknowingly opening that door for me. 

Two sisters walking together

These are the sisters my partner & I created.

And so the legacy continues...